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Customized Hangar
Horse Farm
one challenge the architect facing is that he has to make proper plan and ensure the location of horse farm to be constructed based on predominant wind direction. First thing you have to do is to make proper plan for site planning, there are following suggestion to be made:
1.To put plan into the paper in black and white. In this way, problems can be easily found and solved. It is best to make a considerable plan, which is cost saving but time consuming.
2.List problem found and ideas came out that need to be reconsidered. First of all. Scale drawing for layout of site planning is considered, including slope, drainage, practical facilities(above and below ground), priority should be placed on road passage, existing building and conditions needed and environment for road passage, such as waterway.
3.Plan for site planning should be made in tracing paper or by using computer drawing layers. Dashed line is labeled on the construction to be built in the future on the plan, presuming that newly built facilities are not in inconformity with the requirements set by existing plan. All buildings are labeled in plan such as motor vehicle passage, parking and path which should be integrated. Efforts should be made to ensure that appearance of facilities be harmonized with its surrounding environment.
Presuming that facility is designed to satisfaction, land resources are taken fully advantage of which means that well designed plan is made. The characteristic of these facilities includes: site division, allowable expansion, functional facilities(water, electricity, sewer and dust heap), sufficient amount of work staff, conditions in site meet the requirements from horses. Environmental characteristics include: good ventilation in summer, terrain needed for construction of building and horse activity area. Delicately designed layout will reasonably arrange location for main building, ensuring that there are sufficient space for construction.
Floor tile comes in different sizes and shapes with each brick connected seamlessly, and passer by, horse and motors can pass the space left with each surface. Raw material for road brick is concrete. Rigid material uses UV-resistant fiber reinforce polyethylene. Water flow penetrates into the gap between materials . in some design, gap between materials is big ,some small. Customized Hangar

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